Review : Urban Decays Nocturnal Palette

Urban decays new Nocturnal palette is very compact and easy to travel with. The palette itself is made out of cardboard but feels very strong and durable. The design is fun and relevant to the concept of the palette.
The palette is definitely good value for money at £25.00 for 12 eyes shadows. These include 8 shades from Urban decays permanent line and 4 exclusive shades from past sets. Each shade has Urban Decays pigment infusion system.

I personally really like the palette, the shades are well pigmented and feel like velvet to touch. 

The palette comes with a very decent sized mirror and a double sided application brush, one side for blending and the other side to apply and smudge.

Some of the shades are quite bold such as Backfire, Lounge and Heroine and so these may not be suitable for everyday wear, however are perfect for on a night out, after all the palette is called Nocturnal. 


ABC Gum – Pale peach matte – This shade is very versatile, it’s a very light shade but is well pigmented. This is a great blending shade and is ideal for everyday. 

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again – Light pink champagne shimmer with silver glitter.       I love this shade, it’s well pigmented and looks beautiful on a night out. The glitter seems to fall out so be careful if you have applied your foundation before your eyeshadow. 

Baby – Cool metallic rose. This shade is incredibly beautiful. It’s so pigmented and looks outstanding when the light catches it.

Half Baked – Golden bronze shimmer.            A shade from what I feel is the holy grail of makeup, the Naked collections. Amazingly pigmented, easy to blend and feels just like velvet.

Riff – Brown-nude – matte with floating micro sparkle. Well pigmented and velvety, however for me, I’m not really taken by this shade, but it is definitely a high quality shadow.

Delete – deep chestnut brown matte satin. From previous vice palettes this is a great shade to add definition and depth.

Fireball – peach satin with pink shift. I really like this shade. It is sheer and easy to apply, but it does crumble, so apply this before the rest of your make up or use a tissue under your eye to catch fallout. 

Backfire -burgundy satin with purple shift. This is an eye catching colour, not for everyday but is beautiful none the less. 

Lounge – Brick red satin with green shift.     This shade is incredible, however I’m not certain I would wear it during the day or evening, it’s not really a shade I would wear. The shades well pigmented and the two tone effect is insane!

Armour – metallic silver taupe with tonal sparkle. This is a high quality silver eyeshadow, I wouldn’t say this is a shade for everyday but would be nice for an evening.

Heroine – deep navy blue with floating tonal sparkle. This shade is beautiful, full of depth and easily bendable, it’s a must have shade for me.

Blackout – blackest black matte. Well pigmented and adds great depth, must have for your collection! 

Overall I feel all the shades feel and look amazing. Some I feel don’t suit myself but the shades themselves are beautiful. They are all high quality and feel Urban Decay have put together a great night time palette.

Would I recommend this product? Yes definitely, and for the price. Okay so it may not be an everyday palette but it’s must have for a night out.

I think Urban Decay are currently out of stock online, however I know Debenhams have some you can order.

I hope you enjoyed this review. 

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Special FX tutorial – Stepped on a plug arghhh!!

Don’t you just hate it when this happens?!!!

What you will need

  • liner pencil – you can use any but I used my Kryolan white pencil.
  • Collodion, I used Kryolans.
  • Grease or water paints – I used my Kryolan Supracolour Palette.
  • Blood – I used Grimmas blood. 
  • Blood paste – I used Grimmas blood paste.
  • Translucent setting powder.
  • Sponges
  • Brushes – I used my screenface makeup brushes but you can use small art brushes to. 

    First make sure your working on a clean, dry area. I would also make sure your floor is protected as this can be messy. 

    Using your liner pencil outline on the bottom of your foot where the plug pin wounds are going to be. I used a white liner as it’s easy to blend.

    Next I used Collodion, Collodion is a great scaring material. It wrinkles the skin once it’s dry. I used this to give the illusion that there is more depth to the wounds. However this is not an essential step.

    I then outlined the boundary of the would with black (071) from my supracolour palette. Then I filled the wound in with a red (079) from my supracolour palette.

    To set greasepaints you will need to use a translucent setting powder.

    Next you will need to blend the colours Well, try not to blend the black into the middle to much. It’s easier using a window wiper motion with a blending brush around the boundary of the wound to help control the colour blending. 

    The picture above shows how the collodion really can help give the illusion of a more realistic would or scar.

    Now you will need to get your blood paste (maybe get some wipes to as this can get messy!) On each wound put some blood paste but not so much that it overlaps the wound. Then spread the paste in the wound. 

    The wound now has texture.

    Finally you can now finish off with some blood on each wound. I blotted around each wound with a sponge, this was so I didn’t go over the top with the blood. Then find a plug and put some blood on the pins (make sure it’s cleaned well after)

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and if you try it yourself, I would love to see the finished result! 

    See you soon guys 


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