4 easy tips to help improve your hair for your wedding!

So today I want to talk about hair care for the lead up to your wedding day. I feel a lot of brides don’t get enough information and are told to concentrate more on the style they want for the day of the wedding. Let’s face it, in an ideal world no bride would ever want dry, brittle, limp or broken hair in her wedding photos.

Okay so let’s get started, although everyone is able to help improve the health of their hair, there are some reasons for it being harder to do this which could be due to medications or health reasons. If this is the case then just try and add these to your routine and hopefully when your health starts to improve you could then see and feel the benefits of making the changes.

1) heat protectors – I find it’s still surprising to this day the amount of people who don’t use heat protectors. Our hair isn’t only effected by our heated electrical but also by weather, air con, heating egg. Using heat protectors will help add a protective layer to your hair that will help relieve some of the stress from everyday lifestyles. It’s up to you which one you choose, I personally use, Matrix biolage heat buffer, Ialso don’t feel any build up or stickiness from this either. Just remember something’s better than nothing!

2) Regular cuts – this is another one people put off. With a wedding coming up, you definitely don’t want any split ends. Not only do they not look good in photos but they also make it harder to style hair as they are stubborn. There is only one way to get rid of split ends and that is to have your hair cut! There is NO magical product to get rid of them! If you leave them to long then your hairdresser will need to take more length off as they will never stop splitting until they are cut off.

3) Hair masks/ conditioning treatments – I’m a huge fan of hair masks, not only do they make your hair feel amazing but it’s like you can have a mini spa treatment weekly! I’m big onmaking your own treatments as well. If you would rather by one then do so but I like making my own as I feel like I’ve accomplished something as well. Here’s one of my favourites which is so simple and cheap.

1 banana

1tbsp of honey

All you need to do is blend them together until you have a perfectly smooth texture. Apply to damp hair and leave 10-20 minutes and rinse. What I love about homemade hair masks is that you know and control all the ingredients.

I will do a blog soon with some of my favourite homemade hair masks.

4) Water temperature – so this may seem an odd one, but there is so many washing their hair in the shower (which is absolutely fine) however the majority of people love a bit shower which again is fine, however when it comes to washing your hair with hot water is a huge no no! It will dull any shine your hair naturally has, it will dry it out and become limp and brittle, especially if your waters hard in your area. When your about to wash your hair, try to change the temperature to a tepid heat to help shine and hydration.

So here are my 4 tips for the run up to your wedding which can be easily added to your hair routine. Try to continue after your wedding as well. There is a lot more you can do to help improve the health of your hair but if you add in to much at a time you will end up getting bored so it’s easier to add little and often.

Let me know how you get on or if you have any questions, please get in contact.

Steph x


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