Why hairdressers discourage you from using home colours…

Have you ever visited your stylist and made the confession of using a home colour? Did you see the look of horror on their face? Then see them preparing to give you a lecture…

Well the reason for this isn’t because they’ve felt they missed out on a opportunity to make more money, money wise it’s quite the opposite as a lot of home colours that clients apply themselves who usually have a colour professionally applied unfortunately go wrong and so in turn that clients back in for a colour correction. Colour corrections are not cheap!

So why is it hairdressers hate home colours?

1) Your hairdressers spent a lot of time and effort on your hair and has explained the maintenance and price to keep it looking good… next month a home colours put over it… all that effort and hard work is out the window now. 

2) Seek advice. If you haven’t asked your hairdresser for any advice, then do so, that hairdresser could find a more economical service or a service that takes less time to fit your lifestyle.

3) Sometimes when a client applies a home colour it can feel like a kick in the teeth. Hairdressers have to train and carry on training throughout their career to stay up to date and on trend. 

4) Not taking your stylists advice, are you guilty of this? Home colours these days aren’t that different compared to professional colours. Professional colours are more likely to be healthier for your hair due to the added ingredients and are going to be pre pigmented a lot better for overall coverage. However you cannot perfectly colour match from a cardboard box and a tiny mirror in a shop… it’s a guessing game with what colour your going to end up with really, especially if you haven’t considered your natural depth or the colour you have already applied. Ever ended up with roots lighter or darker than your mid lengths and ends? Then that’s a prime example of a poorly matched colour.

5) Following point 4, sometimes clients think ‘oh it can’t be that hard to apply surely’ well this is when the colour corrections come into effect… it’s one thing matching the colour up and ending up with different bands of colour, but another applying it evenly.. this is a massive issue as this can leave a lot of patches and again banding throughout the hair. If bleach has been used then usually the hair is very over processed and needs to be rescued and rebuilt with a good cut and a course of treatments.

These are just a few reasons I feel that home colours aren’t the best path to take, especially if you love your hair.

Any questions, please ask!

Take care guys

Steph x


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