Hair care – What you should and need to know!

Hey guys!

This week I’ve put together hair care do’s and don’ts. It’s surprising how often we don’t realise we are doing anything wrong!

Firstly lets start with washing your hair… Simple right?
Yes, once your in the right routine and know the do’s and don’ts.

So when you are about to wash your hair make sure you saturate it, this helps as you wont feel like you need to use as much shampoo, which is more cost effective which in itself is a bonus. You shouldn’t need to use more than a 50p piece of shampoo. If your hair doesn’t lather the first time then rinse and apply the shampoo again.

When shampooing your hair concentrate on the roots and not the ends as the shampoo will run down the hair shafts.
Try using tepid to cool water when your washing your hair as this is a lot kinder. Using really warm to hot water on your hair can end up drying your hair out and end up with breakage and frizz issues. There is no need to wash your hair more than 2-3 times per week. If you wash your hair daily then you are actually stripping all the natural oils out of your hair. Your oil glands then go crazy and try to produce more oil, this then makes you think you need to wash your hair everyday as its feels like it gets greasy so quickly. When this happens its like you need to re-train the oil glands, yes you will have to leave your hair and it will most likely feel greasy to you, but add a day at a time of not washing your hair and stick to it and see how you get on.

Once you have finished shampooing your hair, gently squeeze some of the excess water from your hair. again using about a 50p piece apply conditioner to your mid-lengths and ends only and then rinse well. Conditioner isn’t made for the roots, even if you feel you have a dry scalp. If you do have a dry scalp then try applying oil to your scalp, this could be Aloe Vera oil or Olive Oil. Leave the oil on your scalp for a minimum of 1 hour, if you can leave it over night then great! When you are washing the oil out make sure you rinse really well to avoid any build up on your roots or scalp.

Once you have finished washing your hair, wrap a towel round and pat dry. Do not rub vigorously as you are then asking for frizz and damage to your hair. When the hair is wet it is in it’s most vulnerable state.
When you start detangling your hair do not use a brush, use a wide tooth comb and start from the ends to the mid-lengths then to the roots. To make it easier you could use a leave in conditioner. These are great products, I recommend and use myself, Matrix Keratindose renewal spray. Use this when the hair is wet. You can also use it as a finishing product which I personally don’t, but if you have very dry hair this could benefit you.
lastly apply a heat styler whether your going to use heat on your hair or not as this can help protect against everyday effects such as heating and air conditioning.

Activities and Weather

So lets start with hot weather which most of us love and try to make the most of, especially in the UK! However most of us know that it can also be really damaging to our hair. The heat can end up drying our hair out and make it become extremely brittle, even more so to bleach blondes! So how can we help protect it?
Firstly always use a heat a protector, as I said before, even if you aren’t using any heated tools. This will make sure you have some sort of protection there already.
secondly you can wear a hat, I know some of us don’t like hats due to not feeling they are comfortable or even just not feeling confident wearing them, however these will help to protect your hair and more importantly your scalp!
Thirdly what you can do is leave conditioner or a hair mask in for the day whilst your out in the sun. Yes this doesn’t look attractive but to get around that why not plait your hair and have a loose hair tie in the end so you do not cause damage, stay away from harsh elastic bands as this can cause a lot of tension and end up snapping your hair. If you are at the beach or lounging by the pool on holiday this is a great alternative, as it will leave your hair smooth and silky to go out that evening.
In summer we also use a lot of air conditioning which will eventually dry our hair out, to get around this use a moisturising conditioner, leave in conditioner after just on the mid-lengths and ends and try to do a hair mask once per week.
In winter months going out with wet hair when its really cold can cause damage to your hair, this is because strands will start to freeze and could end up breaking.
In winter months it’s a no brainer, we use a lot of heating.  So just like in summer months this will dry our hair out. Sometimes you will notice more in winter that your hair is drier due to the amount of heating we use, so it’s essential to do a weekly hair mask, I personally use Matrix hot oil treatments. Use a shampoo and conditioner to fit your needs whether that is to moisturise, retain your colour, repair damage etc. Always use heat protectors as well.

Moving on to activities. We always like to tie our hair up whether we are doing sports, cleaning etc. Now this is where a lot of people go wrong. Firstly never and I mean never put your hair up when its wet, as I said before this is when your hair is in it’s most vulnerable and weakest state and so the odds of your hair breaking are extremely high. If you must put your hair up, try to braid your hair and use a loose tie on the ends.
However even when your hair is dry and you tie your hair up this can potentially cause breakage. This is due to always tying your hair in the same position over and over and so its the same area that continually has that tension and over time can cause frizz and breakage. so make sure you change the position of your hair style regularly. Ideally with a pony tail you want to keep it low to avoid tension.
Chlorine is another big issue when it comes to the health of your hair! Obviously we aren’t going to stop swimming or going in the pool, so what we can do to help protect our hair is to saturate it in the shower prior to swimming as this will swell the hair with water rather than chlorine which will help. Once your finished in the pool rinse your hair straight away and then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Regular trims

Okay so I want to clear this up. Some people feel that going for a trim is not necessary, a waste of time and money… No, this is definitely not the case, if you want healthy hair whether it’s long or short it is vital to have regular trims. Your stylist isn’t encouraging you so they can take your money or keep their books filled, they know in a couple of months down the line you will come in and need a lot more cut off than you would have if you had kept up your regular trims. Trimming your hair will encourage your hair to grow as it is keeping it healthy, upkeep is key!
another aspect I would like to clear up, there are NO products that will get rid off your split ends, once they are there then they are there to stay until you have them cut off even if the product makes your hair feel amazing, they are still there!


A healthy diet is win win when it comes to your body and hair. This is where a lot of people struggle, especially with fast paced lifestyles. Imagine continually eating junk food, now imagine what your skin would be like.. Not nice right? well your hair is effected in the same way. If your body isn’t getting the right nutrients then it will suffer as will your hair.
Your hair flourishes with Omega 3, Vit C, Vit A, Zinc, iron and protein, this give the hair shine, strength and oil production to keep the hair healthy.
Adding daily supplements will really help over time.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece on hair care, feel free to comment or add any tips that you have.

Steph x



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