Amputated Stitched Wrist

What you will need 

  • Brushes 
  • Liner pencil in black and white
  • Collodion (do a patch test) I used Kryolans.
  • Body paints in red and black – I used my Supracolour Palette by Kryolan.
  • Cotton cut into about 2cm pieces.
  • Blood – I used Grimmas.
  • Blood paste – I used Grimmas blood paste.
  • Spirit gum or DUO glue (do a patch test) – I used Mehrons spirit gum.
  • Tweezers 

Start by marking out where your severed wound will be with the white liner pencil so you know where you will be working.

Next your going to use Collodion where you have marked your wound. I ended up using 3 layers, wait for it to dry before building the layers.

Once the layers are dry start filling in the wound. I started by mixing the red and black body paint from my Kryolan Supracolour Palette and placed it along the middle of my wound to add depth. Then bring just the red paint up along the edges of the wound. Next using your black liner pencil draw in where the stitches are going to be.

Now you need to place your stitches on. I put spirit gum on each dot and placed the cotton on in crosses with tweezers. Let the spirit gum dry.

To do the finishing touches you need to add blood paste to each stitch that is sewn into the skin, then add blood to the wound and carefully spread with a small brush.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Have a great week!



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