Tutorial – sfx Stitched Scars

What you will need

  • Liquid latex – I used Kryolans (Please Test That you aren’t allergic to liquid latex before using it. Test on a little patch of skin, leave for at least 24hrs) 
  • Nail art spotter – Random one I keep for sfx work.
  • Body paints – The first colour needs to be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and then the second colour needs to be red. I used my Kryolan Supracolour Palette.
  • Translucent setting powder – I used Kryolans.
  • Small make-up brushes – I use cheaper brushes for SFX work as these can easily get ruined.
  • Palette or cardboard to have your liquid latex on.

To start with make sure the area your working on is clean and dry. Pour a little bit of liquid latex on to your palette or whatever you maybe using as a palette.  Using the nail art dotter, dip it into the liquid latex and start drawing out the scars, let the first layer dry and do one or two extra layers to help raise the scar.

TIP – Keep wiping the dotter as the latex will dry on the end which in turn will make you end up blobbing the liquid latex and ruin the design of your scar.

Next blot with some powder, this will make the scar look matte. Then start adding some depth and definition with your two colours. Firstly start with the light skin tone colour on the actual scar. Only use a little bit at a time and I mean a dot of colour at a time as you can easily go over the top. As you add a dot of colour, blend straight away with your finger using a tapping motion. Next you need to do the same with the red but on the outside of the scar to add trauma and swelling.

In the photo above you can see my second scar has red dots on the outside, I just wanted to show you this as some of the larger dots were just to much, so really keep them small.

Lastly blend the colours well, use a blending brush if you find this easier and then set with some translucent setting powder.

Quick and easy stitched scars. 

I hope you liked this tutorial. If you choose to try this yourself I’d love to see your final results!


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